To download and install The Mystic Realms of Alhanzar, simply click on the link below and save the file to a folder on your system. Then, using 'My Computer', 'Explorer' or a similar program, find the file you downloaded (OGNALL) and double click on it. This will extract the files and install OGN/MRA on your system. For updates, just follow the same procedure in downloading and then running OGNALL to install the updates.

To start the game, find the file OGN in the folder you created and double on it. For your convenience you may wish to create a shortcut to OGN and place it on your desktop.

Once you get to the 'Online Games Net Initial Menu', select option 1, 'Connect to OGN'. With this you will connect to OGN for the first time and will be prompted for a password and assigned an account number. Please be sure to write this information down in a safe place in the event you lose the data on your hard drive. Then, after a few introductory screens, you will be able to create your first character and enter the game.

If you experience any problems with downloading, installing or connecting to the game, email and we will get back to you. Please be as specific as possible on whatever problems you experienced.

For downloading updates, experienced users may wish to add the direct download link,, to their favorites list to save time when downloading the updates.

Besides the 32 bit version of OGN described above, a version supporting 16 bit Winsock is also included in the download. This is for users of early Windows 95/98/NT that do not support 32 bit Winsock. In any case, if you have problems with using the file OGN as described above, instead try double clicking on the file OGN16 (instead of OGN) and see if using that eliminates the problems.



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